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Kirjoittaja Aihe: Myydään: Stollar/Breville/Sage Dual Boiler & Smart Grinder Pro  (Luettu 411 kertaa)


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Due to an upgrade, I'm selling my espresso machine and grinder:


- dual boiler espresso machine with PID temperature control
- programmable volumetric or time based shot control
- programmable pre-infusion
- brew pressure gauge
- quick warmup time
- automatic startup timer
- automatic standby mode

- bought in 2016
- regularly cleaned and maintained
- recently descaled
- replaced the pump and solenoid with new original parts in 2020
- shot counter at: ~7k shots

Comes with manuals and all the accessories that came with the box, plus some spare parts (original o-rings, 3rd party brew head gasket).

The only "issue" is that the steam wand ball valve is leaking a bit, so the wand should be positioned over the drip tray to collect the occasional drops of water. This is a very common issue with this machine, and easily fixed by ordering a spare ball valve for ~60€ or so. It never bothered me so, it wasn't worth the money.

Since 2018 the grinder has been the dedicated decaf grinder, and has not seen much use.

Original parts and service can be found from Piketa Oy in Tampere.

Price: 750€

Contact my by PM or reply to this thread.

Pickup in Helsinki preferred, as shipping is expensive and risky. You can then also inspect and test the machine, and I can show you all the features.
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Vs: Myydään: Stollar/Breville/Sage Dual Boiler & Smart Grinder Pro
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