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Kirjoittaja Aihe: M: Huky 500T paahdin  (Luettu 266 kertaa)


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M: Huky 500T paahdin
« : Lokakuu 10, 2018, 20:54:15 ip »

Glad to offer Huky 500T #938 for sale!  Solid drum/fast motor combination.
This roaster was used for less then one year and has been in storage now for the past 1.5 years in original box.  I've done 100g to 500g charges.
Before going into storage, it has been stripped  and thoroughly cleaned.  Soaked and scrubed drum.  It is fresh and like new!

Roaster comes with:
  • infrared burner with needle valve and gauge
  • 1x exhaust bowl, seive/tray and fan (dimmer for fan adjust with voltage meter for repeatability)
  • ET and MET thermocouples from Mr. Li himself
  • extra sieve/tray and fan (Roast and cool at the same time)
  • 5 mbar gas pressure regulator (a must. 3mbar ei riitä)
  • all sorts of spare screws, bearing grease, analog ET thermometer

Not included in asking price but available is Phidgets 1048.  This is used to connect thermocouples to computer by USB.  Cost is an extra 100.

Need green coffee? We can chat about that too.

Asking price is 1250.  Located near Turku.  Private message here or email kp900t at gmail  com.  Suomeksi käy :)
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